FOUR DAYS OF POWER: A Kitwe evangelistic missions report.

Friends and partners, our first evangelistic, four day campaign, since covid restrictions were eased in Zambia, ended Sunday night.

Over three thousand, recorded salvations were made at the dilapidated, garbage littered Mapili grounds, in Kitwe. The whole crusade site underwent a physical cleansing first as it was a literal dump site despite people using it as a soccer pitch. After the physical cleansing like a maternity ward, it was ready for new births.

After days of fasting, seeing souls saved was my favourite moment. like a mother forgets her pain upon seeing her new born the event took my breath away. We snatched souls from hell fire into the embrace of Jesus Christ. Plundering hell and populating heaven, as late Evangelist Bonnke would say.

This time, our campaign with Evangelist John Deby Edukugho from Nigeria, began 18th November, 2021. I was asked to deputise the committees to add depth, from my past experiences, in mass crusade. I was also honoured to drive the Evangelist in the evening with police escourt. What an experience this was.

The pictures and video clips attached, are a sample of the campaign experiences and celebrations of God in worship, by young and old. Signs and wonders also followed the preaching of the word.In this first campaign after covid restrictions, it was a Holy Spirit visitation. It was a rain shower, the smell of earth after a drought and revival of the dead with healing of the sick everywhere. The demon afflicted felling to the ground convulsing and shaking to free their host. The Mapili grounds venue, in the Ndeke township of Kitwe turned in to a spiritual hospital addressing physical needs as well.

Today, after the crusade a known witch doctor, brough a heavy sack of fetishes asking to be freed of the burden. His mother tried to stop him as they lived off his wizardry but the devil lost the battle. We led him to the Lord, burnt the fetish got him a bible.

Kitwe shall never be the same. Thank you Jesus for the successful campaign. We praise God for the unity among churches and pastors. The cleaning up of that “dump site” in readiness for the campaign was precursor to the cleansing of souls. So many departmental contributions and my car was engaged in “war” for the first time big time. This was the purpose it was bought for. I wish to thank, friends and partners for prayers and contributions.

Thank you.Glory to God!
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