Rev Lubuto and Dorcas Nsofu

Pastor Lubuto Nsofu and his wife Dorcas were married on October 1st, 1988. After 3 months of marriage, they arrived at Christ for the Nations Institute, In Story Brook, New York, December 1988. Upon returning home country to Zambia in Africa where they served under another ministry for 27 years building churches and pioneering others.

Pastor Lubuto holds a Master’s Degree in practical theology from University of Chester, in England. He and his wife annually visit the USA visiting friends and ministering at various forums.

Beth Adonai Rohi Ministries

Beth Adonai Rohi Ministries was founded in Kitwe, Zambia Africa in 2013. The name is based on Psalms 23 meaning, “House of the Lord our Shepherd”. It is a multipronged shepherd’s ministry, founded and registered in Zambia as non-profit organisation.