Elder Joe Femino

Dr Joseph Femino: The Epitome of an elder and true friend.

I have seen church leadership and I’ve  had experience in church eldership. However, since 1988, few exemplify  biblical eldership as prescribed in 1 Timothy 3:2-7, like I experienced in the life of elder and family friend, Joe Femino, MHSRIP.

My wife and I first arrived at Christ for the Nations Institute of Biblical Studies (CFNI-BS) New York December 1988. We were just 3 months newly weds. As the DC10, Zambia airways flight via Dakar landed on our first trip at a minus zero temperature, JFK international, we were hundred percent, complete strangers. We thought we knew English and  language, dress or understood culture, food and speech. All we knew fell smack in our faces at the airport gates with our so called Zambian winter jackets. All we could ever long for, was a sober, teacher, married man and elder for guidance.

Thank God, Dr Femino was among our CFNI-BS board eldership.
Thank God, Dr Femino was elders of Church on the Sound our preferred church.
Even further, thank God, our first American home to host us was at Dr Femino.
Thank God even still, 34 years on, my whole family has only known a warm  welcome at his home and even while in Zambia we felt his love.

After studies, CFNI-BS campus was sold. Joe recommended a portion of the tithe to be sent to us. It was our first car in Zambia.

Joe, kind generous blameless, husband of one wife.
On your private vacation you preferred we tag along to Vermont.
On a worship vacation in PA  with Jesus culture you brought us along.

Joe, your teaching voice is silent .
Joe your handy man’s tools, are silent.
Your documentary movies we loved, are silent too.

Gone, is my airport pickup ride JFK or NewArk past Manhattan.
Gone, is my LI-Sound boating tutor.
Gone, my high tide dock adjustment companion.

In raccoon trapping, fun with you, Joe.
In  our bee keeper interest even bees were calm.
In culinary you said sit down Lubuto I will feed you. and whipped up specialty.

My comfort is, a Heavens meeting date.
In Heaven, our breakfast bible studies like we had on your porch, will be experienced not studied.

Its now up to us to live Timothy standard We’ll try to live up to Timothy eldership.
Rest in peace Dr Femino. You prefered to be addressed as Joe.
Rest, my retired host,
my elder, my friend,
my family friend,
Joe, rest. Shalom.

Lubuto, Dorcas, Jesse, Olive and Petra

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