Solwezi mission report

God gave us a breakthrough in transport this past August, if I may gratefully testify to his glory.
This need was critical, in lean and hard covid times.

Covid, hit our church fellowship badly, like many others across the globe. In our African case, we lost members through deaths, loss of jobs, fear of infection and the devils whispered thoughts like Eve in the garden of Eden. The result of this was, little income for the church and low fellowship turnout.

In all situations, we give thanks to God, like Paul   said, in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. We have been found worthy to be called overcomers so far from 2019 to 2021 pandemic. We met as a church family, as we were permitted by medical authorities our leadership changed.

If I may additionally testify, we were blessed generously in September. The  result was a first travelled to our mission outpost in our village church in a long while.  The church meets in some sorrowful structure with wind beaten plastic and tarpaulin. But their zeal was undiminished. This structure is soon to change.

With our October 2021 visit, our Solwezi fellowship built a kiln for their hand made bricks and are on course to build. Our building is now at roof level in just a few weeks.

We know, many people pray for us as such this update and write up of gratitude. Your prayer and generous support is highly appreciated. 

At the moment, Mbonge Solwezi fellowship just needs a  roof. This stage of construction cannot be done in phases and needs specialised materials. The rain is also closer than before.

Our Solwezi fellowship has shown great commitment and resolve. They are a highly motivated group to do more by themselves.

So far so good, and thank you again for your prayer, encouraging comments forgetting your faithful support to Beth Adonai Fellowship Kitwe and Mbonge, Solwezi.

We want to hear from you soon.
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