Beth Adonai Institute

Today, Beth Adonai Institute, welcomes  our new Bible school students. The last class shut down by Covid outbreak and lost school space, was of the 2022 graduation. What a long rough ride. God has faithfully building our resilience to hold on to the vision. 

Thankfully, this time, “more room,” Rehoboth, as our theme for 2024. God has brought us to a large place and we will be fruitful here (Genesis 26:22), without a doubt.

Our tutors, are highly qualified. They are holders of Bachelors in theology and higher, with tremendous experience to suit. Tutors are from Zambia, USA, UK and Canada for different classes.
While among students, are recent highschool leavers and regular workers. Some school teachers and untrained Bishops will report for class during school holidays. The common denominator is, a Holy Ghost church  assembly. An Army of the Lord.

The first zealous student, reported 2 hours before opening time. Got a call, “I am here, sir!” Was his short message. This was amidst a rain that broke a four week drought. Is not this a sign from God. Elijah said to King Ahab, “Go up, eat and drink, for there is the sound of the abundance of rain.” 1 KINGS 18:41 (NKJV) 

We have a full house so far and the first class is with a Californian lecturer via zoom link. The class is full, the next opening is Feb. 2025.

Yes you can, take a part by sponsoring our indegent workscholarship student. A $20 or more, will go a long way for class supplies and evsngelistic projects.
We also look forward to faithful  intercessors praying for us. Apostles and evangelist visiting and partners visiting our students is inspirational.

For now, watch this space for more on Beth Adonai Institute. (Pic. Our first to arrive students)

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