Beth Adonai Institute

The Beth Adonai institute, is currently two years, full time bible school, started in February 2017 with only six students.

The school was initially, a Beth Adonai Rohi Ministries in-house manpower development program. At that time, in the first six months, Rev Lubuto Nsofu was the sole lecturer. 

Today, it is associated with Zambian, South African, UK and foreign based professors and lecturers contributing to the course and presenting a broader expertise. The school, at the moment uses a private facility for classes. However, a school building has been designed and waits financial support for construction to begin on our ministries titled prime lot.

The facility is designed with two lecture halls, catering facility, common rooms and 52 resident student’s dormitory rooms.

Most students come from rural hard to reach areas, where most outside missionaries will not go. As such, they lack the resources to pay for tuition and board as most are indigent. Students are therefore placed on a what is called work scholarship programme. This implies, they work and maintain ministry property and premises after classes. This further earns the students practical work ethics, discipline and servanthoode.


  1. Support our dormitory construction
  2. Support and pray for the students.
  3. Sponsor one student for a year 
  4. Sponsor one student for two full