The historical Approach

Beth Adonai Rohi ministries, has taken a practical hands-on approach. The aim is to spreading the gospel which initiates spiritual and social change in the communities.

The Core Target Areas Of Ministry

The Ministry is to the total man; spirit, soul and body. 1. spiritually, raising God’s end time ministers through 2 yr bible School training and church planting. 2. social legacy, pine tree planting, feed the lambs and drill for clean water in needy communities, schools and churches, win over souls in villages, like the women at the well. 3. body, hosting medical professionals from the USA for specialist care, surgical operations and evaluations.

Additional ministry

Additionally, an annual Israel annual tour. We bless and pray for Israel, in this regard, a trip is organised at a cheap low season, first week, December. A one week long empirical learners event with spiritual and historical narration all the time..