Bind the strongman

A local feared wizard surrenders at the Jesus Power crusade.

Our 4 day Kitwe crusade ended last month Sundau November 21st. It was charecterised by signs and wonders and testimonies are still coming in.

The verse that best describes what Jesus did is,

1 John 3:8b …For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

A big story that is still unfolding from the last day, was of a feared local wizard or witch doctor. This is a man in his thirties. From appearance, no one would assume he could be involved in the dark occult world. He arrived at the offices unannounced with a big black bag seeking help. In apparent tormented, he lost his way to the crusade despite having a flyer with directions.  Further, despite his inability to read, he confessed, the flyer troubled him greatly once placed in his hands (Before distribution, I remember tell the pastors after prayer that these flyers were not ordinary anymore, just like Moses’ shepherds rod, after God spoke, was no ordinary rod).

It was also a case of Luke 3:27, which says,
…no one can enter a strong man’s house without first tying him up. Then he can plunder the strong man’s house.

This strong man, confessed to making a living out of wizardry, for himself and his mother. He earned hundreds of dollars a month from the divinations he inherited from his grandfather at the age of fifteen.

His mother heard of his desire to be free. She opposed it because of the income he made mind for them.

On the day, he brought with him a bag full of fetishes with “a dead snake and cat” and other things. Later at his house, another bag of roots, leaves and other fetishes were brought out and burned.
His neighbourhood including a brewer of local illicit liquor gave their lives to the Lord.  Ten in all, witnesses to the witches conversion gave their lives to Jesus. A bible study and prayer group has been started at the house. 

Much later, oblivious to what had transpired, people sought his services but he confessed, “I am a new creation, born again.” He invited them to Jesus also. Hallelujah!

This first campaign amidst Covid restrictions, was a Holy Spirit fresh breeze. A first rain shower with the smell of dump earth after a long drought. A revival of the dead in darkness, the bound to freedom with healing of the sick everywhere.
The demon afflicted felling to the ground convulsing and shaking to free their host.

The physically cleaned Mapili grounds crusade venue, in the Ndeke township of Kitwe, turned in to a spiritual maternity ward with diverse healings.

No doubt souls were snatched from hell fire into the embrace of Jesus Christ. We were, “plundering hell and populating heaven,” as late Evangelist Bonnke would say.

Thank you for your prayer cover during the crusade.


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