Feed the lambs

The Needy Among Us

The Needy Among Us
Ideally, it is a weekly feeding program run by the ladies. Currently, a monthly support to these in greatest need. In particular, Orphans and vulnerable Children (OVCs) are targeted.

First aid: Samaritan’s oil
When calamities happen, a quick reaction is needed. Like the Samaritan, he took oil to soothe and heal the wounds of a badly bruised traveller in Luke 10.

Everyone fall son hard times at some stage due to conflicts, rain, storm or drought. In this regard, Beth Adonai is raising an army to in a small way to counter natural or man-made disasters. As in other protocols; Check, Call and care.

The middle “C,” call, is important as friends and partners are a needed call for prayer and then care with actions at short notice. Will you to stand with this ministry?

Cast the net on the other side
To sustain and Feed the Lambs, several innovations are considered soul, seed and water. We consider the souls of people, plant physical seed if possible and use the water from the Life water well.


  1. Add my number to Messenger or Facebook interested in
    a. Praying and intercession
    b. Helping in First aid: Samaritan’s oil
    c. Pray for families and children
  2. Donate to a feeding program
  3. Donate a Christmas gift to a child