The Gospel To Solwezi “Nations”

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14.

A testimony to all Solwezi, “nations,” (Nations -ethnos) or ethnic groupings or tribes.

For the gospel of Chris. 25 April Mbonge, Solwezi church service under a tree and sitting on logs to hear the gospel.

Sunday 25th April, my wife and I travelled to North Western, Zambia. A three and half hour trip in a little car. The car, thank God, made it despite frequently scraping the uneven ridged road (believing God for an all terrain, some day). Thankully, it’s dry season now so theres no mud.
Our mission was a pastoral visit on a thriving missionary church plant, more so, to console our Pastors widow, whose husband passed into glory. A great man, physically blind but tremendous visionary.

The ethnic language group, in NW Zambia, is predominantly Kaonde with some Luvale and Lunda. The spiritual atmosphere is there, is miracle ready. I speak none of the languages there. As such,  the Spirit enables communication in these lands more clearly through signs and wonders. For sure, this gospel is to be preached. And certainly, this gospel is designed to reach anyone anywhere.

Pastor Nsofu, praying for his leaders at Mbonge church in Solwezi.

On our visit, a tremendous dance and celebrational welcome puntuated by Kaonde melodius song “mwaiyai” (welcome) meet us. The stage was ready.
After welcome formality, I added a Chichewa song on Moses’ rod and preached on the same to firm the message.

In africa, music, even without instruments is  key in breaking barriers and bridging communication lapses.
There was no PA system, we stood on straw strewn, dirt floor. The pulpit was made of sticks fixed to the ground so I went around it. 
I love the simplicity of the set up, though we can reach more with better facility. The plan is to make this a launch pad for missions to Congo,  Angola and other regions in North Western, Zambia.
We wish to return for a prolonged outreach. Believing God for a harvest  with signs and wonders. For now, it’s to honour the departed man of God.

Pastpr Lubuto Nsofu standing on part of the Mbonge Church, foundation wall corner under construction. 

I was keen to see the foundations laid for their meeting place. A water well and a secured plot.

We will greatly appreciate support and prayers for this church in Mbonge Solwezi. Perhaps, join an outreach there soon?

Your contribution no matter how small is appreciated. We want to send a gift book for any gift over $50.
To help to to;
call +260955548307

A Reason to Step Into Darkness

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

My father like many, prayed for a son to carry his name. When I was born he named me Lubuto implying light. He assumed, light had come. Today, I carry the light of the gospel. Whether he saw the gospel part of me, I may never know.

Isaiah spoke these words to his generation. It applied to them but also, foretold the enlightening effects of the good news to future generations, as the word of God endures forever. The good news, cannot be more needed than today, in our modern pepsi light generation (In picture, I had with me a pepsi light, “just in case,” sorry coke). Pepsi light means, lower calories, that’s supposedly, the “good news to fizzy drinkers”

Since our Mpongwe trip, last Saturday,  the poor over burdened, bruised donkeys drawing a crudely made cart, stuck in a cow dug road, has not left my mind.

This year is 2021, supposedly the peak of human modernity. Sadly, it was like the dark ages, with donkey carts stuck in a cattle dung road.

We did help, lest we be numbered among the proverbial first century bible tax collector and religious leaders on the road to Jericho. The gesture, helped to make the gospel we carried, relevant to the locals. Yes, they opened up to us when we seem to meet their need.

At the back of our minds we yearn, to bring light to a forgotten 2021 generation still living in darkness.

For one, a child has been deprived (story, perhaps later a sensitive case). In the picture, stunted boys, catapults slung around the neck, bird hunter I assumed. He had no idea of school.

Here, fear reigns.  A nude wizard or witch falling from the sky in the dead of night is more believable (I am not making this up), than the tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit falling from heaven like a mighty wind.

The solution, is this light of the gospel we carry. This is futile grounds for the illuminating signs and wonders. Just a casting out of vexatious demons puts his agents on the back foot with fear and trembling.

On this narrow bridge, cow walked up to lick my outreached hand with its slimy gray tongue. I guess he said, “shalom!”

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. Romans 8:19

the creation looks forward to the day when it will join God’s children in glorious freedom from death and decay. Romans 8:21

My daughter and son behind me clung to each other apprehensively. One cow  lowered its head towards them. My thought, creation bows to royal authority.

Nearing the far end, the river flowed over the bridge. Unperturbed, two girls with buckets drew water for domestic use in this ankle deep cow dung polluted water. We could go no further. At this point we looked and decided to draw back. Hopefully, with prayer cover and support from friends, we will return even better equipped with an all terrain vehicle.

The gospel light fueled by the anointing of God’s oil, must be lit in our Pepsi generation, royal priesthood. We dare not have dimming light in the temple like Samuel’s mentor, Eli the priest. Eli enjoyed and probably indulged grew heavy obese and lost vision.

In our generation we have more rich pastors, elders than any time in history. Ironically, more of our population live in poverty, are war migrated and lost with vision.

Before we die to our indulgencies. Before the poor migrate to our door steps. Perhaps just perhaps covid, reached us from among the poor at a market? If we acted, could it have been stopped there? Let’s take this gospel to the source of issues, before the worst happens to us where we are.

For now at Mpongwe, a spiritual atmosphere has been assessed, reconnaissance done and its  not for the fait of heart. Will you go or help us to go? We will light up the darkness with the gospel of Christ by taking the battle to the gates of the enemy at all cost.

and your seed shall possess the gate of their enemies. Genesis 22:17
– pray for children in this area
– pray for gospel ready personnel
– pray for an all-terrain vehicle