The Gospel To Solwezi “Nations”

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14.

A testimony to all Solwezi, “nations,” (Nations -ethnos) or ethnic groupings or tribes.

For the gospel of Chris. 25 April Mbonge, Solwezi church service under a tree and sitting on logs to hear the gospel.

Sunday 25th April, my wife and I travelled to North Western, Zambia. A three and half hour trip in a little car. The car, thank God, made it despite frequently scraping the uneven ridged road (believing God for an all terrain, some day). Thankully, it’s dry season now so theres no mud.
Our mission was a pastoral visit on a thriving missionary church plant, more so, to console our Pastors widow, whose husband passed into glory. A great man, physically blind but tremendous visionary.

The ethnic language group, in NW Zambia, is predominantly Kaonde with some Luvale and Lunda. The spiritual atmosphere is there, is miracle ready. I speak none of the languages there. As such,  the Spirit enables communication in these lands more clearly through signs and wonders. For sure, this gospel is to be preached. And certainly, this gospel is designed to reach anyone anywhere.

Pastor Nsofu, praying for his leaders at Mbonge church in Solwezi.

On our visit, a tremendous dance and celebrational welcome puntuated by Kaonde melodius song “mwaiyai” (welcome) meet us. The stage was ready.
After welcome formality, I added a Chichewa song on Moses’ rod and preached on the same to firm the message.

In africa, music, even without instruments is  key in breaking barriers and bridging communication lapses.
There was no PA system, we stood on straw strewn, dirt floor. The pulpit was made of sticks fixed to the ground so I went around it. 
I love the simplicity of the set up, though we can reach more with better facility. The plan is to make this a launch pad for missions to Congo,  Angola and other regions in North Western, Zambia.
We wish to return for a prolonged outreach. Believing God for a harvest  with signs and wonders. For now, it’s to honour the departed man of God.

Pastpr Lubuto Nsofu standing on part of the Mbonge Church, foundation wall corner under construction. 

I was keen to see the foundations laid for their meeting place. A water well and a secured plot.

We will greatly appreciate support and prayers for this church in Mbonge Solwezi. Perhaps, join an outreach there soon?

Your contribution no matter how small is appreciated. We want to send a gift book for any gift over $50.
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