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The Lord has led us this year to speak to people with a different approach considering the restrictions. The beauty is, people are in tablets or smart phone. Therefore, we reach them using; Worship, Word and Way on a Face book.  

It’s not strange, people stay home without visitors, shut up in fear and are lonely. Our aim is to reach out in familiar three ways; 

1.   Worship– three crisp and short gospel tunes to ring in your heart all day. Posted every morning. A phrase from a popular song with an accompanying scriptural thought. Worship is the daily walk of a believer, posted of Facebook between 6am-9am Central African time (CAT). The post runs for 24 hrs and is refresh daily. 

2.   Word– 30-minute scriptural word rich live post applied to a unique location. The live word post is at 5PM (CAT). This is a God sent idea, for those with missions and evangelistic mind-set. Like Christ taught as object lessons on location; e.g. at the Lazarus’s tomb, at Zacchaeus’ home, at alabaster box woman. People were reached, where they were. 

3.   Way– Pastoral on Sunday providing guidance and a practical way to live for God. This is at 11am (CAT).  

As a non-profit we depend on free will offerings and gifts. If you feel ministered to in anyway please leave an offering on our website. We will appreciate your offering and generous donations as the above activities to go on depend on your generous contributions.   

Offerings can be made on our secure PayPal system using the four-major credit or debit cards; Visa MasterCard Discovery and American express. If you need a letter for tax purposes, we will gladly provide you with that after you make the donation.  

The website is,  Feel free to share and repost. 

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