“Raising A People Of Power”

Yesterday, Sunday May 15th 2022 we launched our rural Zambia, village taylor made, leadership development programme. Particularly, for Beth Adonai Fellowship, Mbonge Solwezi.

My launch message was from Matthew 24:14 entitle, “A vow to preach Gospel” https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=490445302879090&id=100049458996125

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

What an incredible service, what a response preaching from my upturned paint bucket pulpit. What wonderful indigenous  worship, vibrant youth and choir in the newly roofed facility. I thank you all friends, partners and family for making it happen. The atmosphere in the facility was contegious, lively and capturing. It was my first service in the church building. The lack of windows, gusty and dusty floor did not deminish the object and mission. Certainly, with great gratitude to all, far much better than the outdoor and tarpauline tent, I last preached in. Emmanuel, God by his Spirit  among men.

After the service, over 17 registered to be raised as “a people of power” through this six months course. The aim is to empower a village mission base, open new frontiers with the gospel in animist and sensitive area while spreading the good news.
The program demands a two and half trip every month until December from Kitwe. We covet prayer for resource and stamina to make it happen.

God willing, 2023 January, our 2 year fulltime bible college begins in Kitwe. We ask all prospective students to ask or send in application as space is limited.

The six months leadership, is a first in the area. We therefore ask for your generous support. We need bibles English (NIV) and Kikaonde and visual aid Kikaonde (audio bible). Financial help will be greatly appreciated as it will help sustain operations in the remote site.
Leadership visual images that can help teach the iliterate leaders is appreciated.
The thought behind this is, there are very influential chiefs and traditional leaders who neither read nor write. They call them God ordained ancestral leaders. In this regard, we use God ordained biblical influence to teach the illiterate. Thus we empower our illiterate leaders with bible based divine insight to their God ordained ancestral leadership roles.

Among our key instructors is Dr Dave Garrard taking the class on June 24-26th June. A highly experienced and saught after lecturer. He was my graduate school teacher and professor of Missiology from UK.

We invite friends and mission minded end time soul winners to have a part. For this mission, we want to hear from you;

Sent text private message or cell +26 095 554 8307.
Send inquiry to lubuto@hotmail.com. For direct donations of any amount, use our website, http://bethrohi.org/donate

Thank you for being responsive partners in the Zambian missions field.

Lubuto Nsofu

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