Beth Adonai Instutute 2020 Graduation

Dearest friends and partners, thank you for your continued support, in the last number of years. You have been wonderful prayer, financial and moral pillars in the development of church leaders at Beth Adonai Institute. We cannot, thankyou enough.

As our 2020 graduation theme implies, on this 20th day, from the book of Acts 20:20 and 2 Timothy 2:15 ” Clear vision: Approved, a workerman, who should not be ashamed,” our vision is clearer as a teaching ministry. Today, we thankyou and welcome you to celebrate, our first student graduation. We are extremely delighted to see this day. Some of these graduating students, have already established their work in a short time, while others have crossed borders already to neighbouring countries with the gospel. Others, still, have joined our ministry ranks and serving God. We encourage you to periodically, look out for testimonies posted on our newly launched website,

Our prayer, is that you may continue to look to God to guide you further, as coworkers, in this African mission field. We pray for you also, that God may help you to partner with us with the next zealous group of students, in 2021 intake, just a few weeks from now. We definately need more labourers, in the harvest. When you consider that the Kingdom workforce has experienced manpower depleting upheavals over the past years. Thankfully as an update, we have more new students for 2021. Our ministry, being non-profit therefore, value your support in whatever way. You can make donations through paypal to our non for profit organisation at, Visa, Mastercard, American express and Discovery cards are all welcome. You can email us or call to let us know how you wish to stand with us. +260955548307. God richly bless you.

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