The Incredible Donkey in the Bible

Last saturday, March 20th 2021, we were in traditional land. This is, one and a half hours from Kitwe, in Mpongwe on the copperbelt. We were asked to attend to a new missions programe among locals by Bridget Ingram my ever bubbly, zealous spiritual daughter who is based in Kelowna Vancouver, Canada. I was told some people I ministered to, in the early 1980s, were serving the Lord in the area now.

The road, at one point was impassable by car. As such, we had to walk along muddy cattle tracks. Cattle dung was clear testimony of their use. I thought of the first Apostles, missionary pioneers. They took the gospel into dangerous hostile territories where no roads existed. While todays clergy enjoy  air conditioners, carpets, marbles floors  and luxury car rides. Here, we looked out for serpents and scorpions. At some point, you stop being skittish and a boldness arises.

There was no phone network and our phones became burdens themselves.
I appreciated God’s creation even more  as my son commented on the deep flora and fauna, green vegetation, sounds from the marshlands,  as we passed two herds of cattle.

The next thing moved my heart. It was a crude donkey cart stuck in the mud. They had pushed, pulled and swayed to no avail. The crude home made wooden yoke cut into the poor donkey’s skin. We stopped to help get them out of the mud, then I prayed for the farmer and his beasts.

As a teacher of the word, lessons came on me; Christ entry into Jerusalem riding one of these, Balaams donkey that saw an angel, Nehemiah the civil engineer inspecting Jerusalem wall riding this beast and, of course, Mary’s donkey that traveled to Bethlehem all came into my mind.

I imagined, how many missions have been accomplished on the back of this  incredible beast. My team of three, was happy to push shove until the donkeys got out of the mud we then laid our hands in prayer.

Our mission in Mpongwe is among cattle herders traditionalists and unsaved. We definitely need an off road vehicle.

Thank you. Your help makes these missions possible.